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"Champions" Pending

Other places like GetSatisfaction have "Champions" which are users (like me) who are very active in suggesting good feedback. Have you considered adding something such as this? I know the ADMIN SIDE has a "User Value" type system, but what about something for the front end? Just something to let peo...

Status of issue Pending

Can we have more trackers like will be done, in progress, etc

xxx Pending


Auto Assign Feedbacks Implemented

There should be a way to set rules for auto -assignment. Whenever new feedback comes these rules are applied and feedback is assigned to corresponding employee.

Promo Video Pending

Hey Guys, I am sure you offer an amazing product and solution - but as a consumer it can get pretty confusing. I work at a company called Promo Video and we do... PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS! There is no better way to sum up a complicated business than with a promotional video. Your business could really us...

Popular Questions

Our software works in English, French and Spanish

test Pending

this is my questrion

Login required? Answered

Can my endusers leave feedback without having to sign up or login?

Vote Feature Answered

Can we have a vote feature where we can ask people to vote for something: features in pipeline, surveys, options on a features and so on?

Currently, there are three status options after answering any 'idea' post: Pending Accepted Implemented I don't find either of the above appropriate when we did not like the idea and have answered why it can't be implemented. Could you please suggest how should we go about in these cases? Thanks

Popular Issues

If I'm not logged in, I can vote multiple times on userrules forum

When I try to acces forum from my dashboard, the site just hangs.

1. User clicks feedback icon. 2. Entered some description. 3. Now clicks on Ask a Question. 4. Description field is cleared. 5. Now back to 'Share an Idea', the description is gone. Note that the text in 'Title','Name' and 'Email' is retained.

I received a 500 error when registering. I tried to login with my creds and received a message saying my account is disabled. I can't use the subdomain I want if i try to re-register. "

can't sign up guys

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Looks nice Pending

looks great guys

Good service! Pending

Why I need to describe???

5 users Acknowledged

Glad to see you have a good number of admins in the cheapest plans

Just testing the praise

Looks super cool, nice work!

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